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The Borges International Group, S.L.U. ensures the conservation of biodiversity at its farms via environmentally-friendly agronomic management. Currently, the Mas de Colom estate is the only exhibition farm in Catalonia that forms part of the OBA Project (Observatory of Agricultural Biodiversity), a collaborative project in Spain coordinated by the Global Nature Foundation, a prestigious organisation experienced in carrying out projects to preserve biodiversity at an international level.
Mas de Colom is a country estate located in the county town of Tàrrega (Urgell), made up of about 70 hectares of trees for the production of nuts and olives. The farm uses a high-efficiency drip irrigation system. Half the area forms part of the Anglesola-Vilagrassa natural area for the protection of different species of steppe birds, such as the little bustard, Montagu’s harrier, European roller and Calandra lark.
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The Borges International Group, S.L.U. strives to ensure sustainable, responsible agriculture by optimising fertigation, applying mulches and reusing pruning waste to maintain the balance of organic matter in the soil and retain CO2.

Biodiversity Action Plan at the Mas de Colom Estate

Through the Biodiversity Action Plan at the Mas de Colom Estate, the Borges International Group helps to preserve and improve biodiversity by means of agricultural practices that increase CO2 fixation, reduce erosion and mitigate climate change, as well as encouraging the reproduction and nesting of steppe birds.